Cottage Grove Cemetery 1862 Onyx

In southern California, in Kern County, there is a cemetery that appeared here 10 years after the establishment of the state of California. Burials began in the area in 1860. The territory belongs to the village of Onyx, which is home to just under 500 people. The cemetery is small and located along Highway 178. Dozens of graves can be found in the cemetery, and they are marked with the names of the deceased.

It can be seen that there are also fresh graves. Perhaps people or relatives who lived in this area are buried here. It is very beautiful and fresh here, despite the dry and hot weather, the peace is disturbed only by cars that quickly drive past the cemetery. he gate is open to all guests and is often frequented by tourists traveling throughout the state. The place is interesting not only because it is quite old, but also because of the graves themselves, similar to those that we can see in Christian cemeteries.

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